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Apictiv was built to serve others, first and foremost. Want to find out why we can help you excel? Get to know us here.

Apictiv in the media

Interviewed in 2019 by a magazine as a trail blazer, the owner and founder of Apictiv shares a bit of her story.

Tips, Knowledge & Resources

Improve your SEO in 7 easy steps 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for businesses success within the digital realms. Ready to learn how you can improve your SEO today?

ideas 7 best copywriting tips

Best steps after starting a business?

Once you’ve started your business and are officially incorporated through your State, you’ll need to know essential actions to take to get started off on the best foot. We’re future-focused and want to help get you starting strong! 

What makes a great webpage?

There are many things involved in making a site go from blah to awe, but what are the key essentials? We explore the top three must-haves here.

Free tools review to upgrade your business – MailChimp

Finding free online tools allow busy professionals to excel. MailChimp (not sponsored) is one way to increase efficiency and streamline efforts for many organizations.

Basic web design process – start to finish

We believe it’s important to share our expertise with you. Without making things more complex than they need to be, we hope to help you understand and appreciate the process involved in building quality websites.

How to create and edit WordPress posts

If you wish to take a more hands-on approach to your website, here is a resource for you.

Success within reach Apictiv resources page

Make the study of your market conditions, trends, and competition in a specific industry or market work for you.

Is it the copywriting that catches your attention, the unique visuals, or other elements that keep it living rent-free in your head? Or is it something more? Let’s explore the key details that make things live rent free in your mind.

Skills: how to take professional photos

Taking professional photos requires a combination of technical skills, artistic ability, and attention to detail. We share the steps you can take to help you take professional quality photos.

Business: Non-profit vs LLC

A non-profit organization and a limited liability company (LLC) are two different types of legal entities, each with their own unique characteristics and advantages.

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