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The owner and creator of Apictiv was interviewed in 2019 by the VoyagePhoenix Magazine. Takes place in their company’s TrailBlazers section. The full interview can be found on their site within an article.

Full interview excerpt:

Let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.

“My passion for helping others and doing creative design work began very early. Both passions cultivated through volunteering with non-profits and local organizations often. Even as early as elementary school, I was winning competitions in logo design and ad campaigns, living in a small community where all ages were welcome to enter. Growing up with little, and challenged with serious medical issues, my creativity became a comfortable escape. Once I began learning high-level web and graphic design skills, I was inspired to delve deeper still. The ability it fosters, to create something significant from nothing, ignited a fire within me and still does today. My business, Apictiv, was created to enable a bigger impact than my in-person volunteering efforts would allow. With a degree in Public Health Promotion and years of professional design expertise, I have now helped local, state, and national efforts expand their impact. I feel I’m just getting started! Being an out of the box and empathetic problem solver at heart, I help others pinpoint their objectives to not only reach their goals but to achieve them more effectively. My primary focus in starting a business was to make a positive difference. Each year I work to further that goal.”

Has it been a smooth road?

“I don’t believe many things in life fall into a smooth process. Owning a business force you to grow while learning your own limits. If it were easy, everyone would do it. However, working to achieve something bigger than yourself, pushing past your comfort zones and having faith in your own abilities is always worth the trials and hurdles that will inevitably come your way. My advice is to start working on your dreams and aspirations now rather than waiting to feel fully prepared. My profession is rapidly evolving and requires continual growth to keep up and stay ahead. I honestly wish I had started my business years sooner because it’s such a blessing to be able to help so many people with it now. If you do what you love, you will inherently welcome the opportunities to continue improving. I advise everyone to do what they feel passionate about, especially if it will bring value to others. Life is short.”

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into Apictiv story. Tell us more about it.

“… Apictiv specializes in custom web and graphic design, photography, and strategic marketing efforts. All projects are customized to the unique needs of each client to achieve strategized results. Marketing consultative services are a great way to breathe life back into businesses that have become stagnant, which Apictiv offers. With a great process of selecting clients, each of my clients receives dedicated expertise. My work has ranged from small family photo sessions and local small business designs, to state and national governmental agency websites and consultations thus far. Helping local, state, and national efforts to expand their impact has allowed my business to benefit thousands of individuals already. I offer great incentives to help clients receive the greatest value and success. Since Apictiv’s inception in 2015, the yearly donation target is set to at least 10 percent of profits to benefit non-profit organizations and charities. I am excited to say it is often much more than that. Every time Apictiv is hired, positive change is made possible. That feels good!”

For good reason, society often focuses more on the problems rather than the opportunities that exist, because the problems need to be solved. However, we’d probably also benefit from looking for and recognizing the opportunities that women are better positioned to capitalize on. Have you discovered such opportunities?

“I fully believe we are capable of succeeding in any position we are called toward and willing to become proficient in. Everyone has the opportunity to achieve greatness if willing to dedicatedly work towards it. Though media focuses on challenges women face, it’s important to remember that all people face individual hurdles throughout life. Personally, life has been drastically more challenging than simple. Getting through hurdles with a positive attitude and without giving up on ourselves makes success possible, and all the more satisfying. There are actually many more opportunities available today. If we continue to lift others up, we can continue in this positive direction for everyone to have better opportunities. Never give up.”

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