Tools to Upgrade Your Business (1): MailChimp

Upgrading Your Business with Free Tools


Because Apictiv wishes to bring extra value to our clients regularly, and because there are so many ways to extend this value to others outside our current audience, we’ll be creating short shareable posts to share additional tools to our current amazing customers & partners, as well as future associates.

MailChimp is something simple to implement, free to use & something which could benefit one of our national non-profit organizations we have the pleasure of working with currently. We hope it helps inspire new ideas for your business correspondences, no matter what direction you choose and we receive no sponsorship for this post, or any of our articles. We wish simply to bring value in areas our partners often benefit from learning about.

Free resources and suggestions for business best practices


Being a free online tool allowing professional correspondence to a large audience can greatly increase efficiency and streamline efforts for many organizations. MailChimp allows for emails, invitations, reminders, newsletters, etc. It’s fairly intuitive so you can import your email lists without much fuss, offers free templates, can help streamline things if utilized in a cohesive way, & adds a fresh design. Along with having an incredible web design team behind you, connections with your audience may deserve a professional looking upgrade. In this day & age it is the expectation from organizations to present messages professionally & this could be what you need to increase the trust for your organization. It also allows for importing custom images, modifications to their template options & etc. This is our current preferred choice of free platforms of this kind, though there are many others to choose from. We encourage you to take a look into your options & dive into one!

Along with having a professional web design & welcoming landing page, sending connections to your audience deserves a professional look: the expectation for organizations is to present messages in a clean, multi-system compatible way. Therefore, utilizing this or a similar free available tool can help establish trust with your new clients, impress your long-time supporters & further upgrade your organization’s online presence. By putting in the little bit of initial time to learn the system, you can easily communicate that your audience is worthy of both the time & attention to detail of the simple upgrade in aesthetics. Apictiv often stops to ask the question: how can we provide better value? We ask it of ourselves as a business & we evaluate how we can help you offer your audience/clients better value continually. This is one of many methods to increase value, if you’re not already sending out consistent electronic mailers or newsletters. 

Need help upgrading but prefer to hire us to streamline things for you? We are happy to help! Have the message ready but need a little extra help getting things optimized regarding your content? We specialize in that & are here for you; Apictiv wants you putting your best foot forward. Simple business upgrades and resources are a great start.

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